Green Smoke E Cigarettes Review

April 24th, 2013

The e cigarettes from Green Smoke happen to be a trend when it first appeared in the general public back in 2008. Even when the electronic cigarettes from other businesses already had three bits in their style, the product from Green Smoke includes a cartomizer that is easier to use. The individuals are then just going to twist the cartridge flavor which may be ready to make use of as it is going to light up. The business has entirely modified the way the electronic cigarettes are being viewed nowadays and it is why the Green Smoke Reviews received much positive answer.

Currently, one can find many electronic cigarette manufacturers that include simple cartomizer models for usage. With regards to flavor and vapor experience, Green Smoke continues to be unique amongst the rest. Folks might often realize that the e-cigarette from Green Smoke has clearly more vapor when compared with other products. The company likewise has longer lasting batteries in addition to real life flavors for the products.

There are lots of realistic flavors provided by the company these days such as Tobacco Gold, Smooth Chocolate, Vanilla Dreams, Tobacco Red Label, Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice. Flavored cartridges that happen to be offered can be extremely affordable costing as small as $219.97 for 80 cartridges. The normal pack will have free delivery for purchasers as well as two extra batteries.


The tobacco to be had have a diverse range of strengths which range from zero as much as full. While not many flavours are available in Green Smoke, the customization to be had is many. Distinct charger options and accessories are now being offered by the business to customers today. A mixture of colors and patterns are available with the designer batteries provided at the same time.

The Green Smoke batteries possess a unique solution to select. Short and long batteries are found here. The short power packs are about 4 inches and definitely will make it look like any normal cigarette. The ones that are longer will offer an extra surge in power which can make smoking longer based on the Green Smoke Reviews.


The shoppers will receive a 30 day cash back warranty soon after making purchase. For individuals who are unhappy using their products, the business will issue a refund for the money spent. Roughly as long as a year, the lifetime warranty on the battery packs can take that prolonged.

People who have gone beyond the one year mark will probably be required by the company to provide a proof of purchase for cartomizers for the past 3 months. For a thirty days, a maximum amount of three defective battery packs can be swapped out.

Customer Service

Making purchases on the web site of Green Smoke is very simple when it comes to servicing the purchasers. It has an online chat option and a toll free number intended for making concerns. All of the representatives really know what they are doing and so are polite to the people.

The purchasers may also take part in the monthly refill plans of Green Smoke. Consumers that are taking part in the program can acquire their cartomizers instantly without placing an order as this is what the program provides. At any moment, people can get into and out of the program as they wish. Consumers will be able to spend less by joining this program while the large orders placed will be sent for free. You can also spend less on every order when you take advantage of the green smoke coupon available to all customers.

Obtaining electric cigarettes from Green Smoke is a sure way to get the best in electronic cigarettes. That is one of the reasons why the Green Smoke Reviews are extremely positive as their clients are very pleased with the business.

Ecig Benefits to Public Health Considered In Scotland

February 23rd, 2015

Scotland’s prohibitionists are known to have a foothold in the country, but it now seems that some of them have awakened from the slumber of lack of common sense. There are some officials there that are now considering ecig benefits to public health and realizing that heavy regulations could cause more problems than they can solve.
Scotland is still in the process of considering this and is not really convinced yet. According to some members of the Scottish Parliament or MSPs, electronic cigarettes offer great potentials to the improvement of public health.

Being Cautious In Regulating Ecigs

According to experts, a cautious approach needs to be taken in regulating the marketing and sale of ecigarettes in order to maximize ecig benefits to public health and to minimize any possible harm.

Concerns were voiced out about the use of ecigs or vaping. Vaping enables a user to inhale nicotine I vapor form. While ecigs might be useful to adult smokers, many feel anxious that vaping could invite and lead young people to nicotine addiction. Morever, prohibitionists are also concerned about the lack of evidences supporting the safety and efficiency of the products.

Scottish government-established Youth Commission and other organizations have already called for a ban on all commercial selling of the products. Other groups have urged the government to impose stronger regulatory framework for the protection of children, while not depriving smokers or taking away whatever benefits they could get from vaping.

Right now, the government is consulting on the issue of whether or not ecig sale should be banned to below 18 years old; if ecig sale made by an adult on behalf of a minor should be made illegal. The consultation also includes possible restrictions on product advertising and other regulations.

Hugely Beneficial To Public Health

John Britton is the director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies and he has spoken before the Health Committee in Holyrood. He said that ecigarettes offer great potential benefits to public health through aiding smokers shift to a better nicotine source alternative.

He explained that if all smokers would switch to ecigs, hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives will be saved from premature deaths. It is very crucial that when controlling and legislating the possible market abuse regarding ecigarettes, legislators put some careful considerations. Right now, the inherent risks within the devices are relatively small, but it is important that these risks are managed.

Risk management, he said, is not by throwing the baby out in the water to bathe since ecigs are potentially a public health prize. According to Jeremy Mean from the UK Government Department of Health, a measured approach is now being taken o the southern part of the border.

He said that there is no guarantee about the safety of the range of products so they cannot recommend people to use them. He added they do not want to remove a product that has a potential great value Regulatory framework could help provide confidence that products are of great quality and could really help smokers in reducing their cigarette consumption, in quitting and in reducing the harms they get from smoking.

From the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association or ECITA is Katherine Devlin who stated that officials have to be really careful so they will not do more harm than good in putting up regulatory frameworks on ecigs. The risk when ecigs are removed from the market if seeing switchers to vaping decide to go back to tobacco smoking.
Meanwhile, Sheila Duffy from ASH Scotland said that although she believes that ecigs can help smokers, it must also be considered that there are many unknown things abut vaping. She said that they would like to see people addicted to tobacco being able to use ecigs or being able to quit through vaping rather than using tobacco. Yet, the unknowns provide reasons why regulations are necessary.

Firebrand Sub-OHM Liquid for the Most Discerning Vapers

November 12th, 2014

Sub-ohm vaping is one that involves certain thoroughness and for the most discerning sub-ohm vapers is the Firebrand Sub-OHM Liquid. Regardless how rigorous this type of vaping is, these sub-ohm ejuices will definitely allow you to get that ideal clouds of vapor you want to get without any hassles or worries.

Firebrand Sub-OHM Liquid took 9 months to be developed. Through this period, the perfect mix of 75% VG has been created. Despite this viscosity, this ejuice will not clog up your coils. Its flavoring is also calibrated in order to be used throughout the spectrum of sub-ohm vaping at 0.3, 0.7, and 0.9 ohm.

Each 30 ml glass bottle of ejuice is $22.99. The 30 ml glass bottles come with the dripper. Add $18.39 if you want to get 60 ml of ejuice to save 10% from your vaping expense. The 90 ml bottle requires you to add $35.63 t save 15%. Available nicotine strengths are 0, 3 and 6 mg.

Flavors of Firebrand Sub-OHM Liquid

Bottle Rocket will let you feel as if it is the 4th of July. Bottle Rocket is among the tastiest of its offered infusions. It has the most authentic flavor with its Wild Cherry, blue raspberry and lemon ice.

This flavor is based on the blue, white and red ice pops that is essentially the favorite of everyone. It is a tasty all day vape that will help keep you cool all through the year. This is an absolute on-point ejuice.

Richer vapor is guaranteed to be produced by the 75% palm vegetable glycerin. It contains no ethyl alcohol or menthol just to attain a cooling effect. It is simply made of pure fruit fusion.

Crixus is a sub-ohm vape juice named after Crixus, a historical figure. It is, in fact, the perfect companion for another top selling Spartacus. Crixus is the right hand general of Spartacus during Third Servile war. For vapers, however, this part of history is insignificant because all you would care about is the delicious taste. It is a perfect medley of roasted hazel nuts and peanuts that will create the most savory delight. The high notes of this ejuice are made possible by the roasted almonds. You can vape it as a nut flavor or even as high roasted tobacco. It is nuts, delicious and unique.

Elvis is the vape juice as tribute to the King of Rock through the taste of his favorite sandwich. This ejuice is of banana, bacon and Peanut butter. It is the most flavorful and daring ejuice in the line. Sometimes, the king of rock would even put honey in his favorite sandwich. If you do not think that this is really not what Elvis wants, you can check out his biography as written by his mom. It is the bacon makes this sandwich a unique Elvis sandwich. Regardless how weird this seems, the ejuice definitely tastes so delicious you could fall in love with it.

Polar Chill is the perfect ejuice with candy cane peppermint that is designed for dripping. It is sweet, smooth and cool that every puff will feel like Christmas time inside the mouth.

Purple Rain offers a true taste sensation. It is a delicious grape flavor that offers a multi-dimensional delight. At the core is a tasty and robust grape taste. As you continue to vape, you will be surprised by the sour hint that is followed by the refreshing cool on every exhale that is as pure as the spring rain.

Super Nova will give a true explosion of flavors in your mouth. Your taste buds will definitely lighten up with this liquitine. It starts with ripe and sweet pineapple and then added with the sourness of key limes. At the bottom of this ejuice is the taste of fresh blueberries.

Whiplash is ultra tasty and multi dimensional in its fruity sensation. It has super sweet with slightly tart Jubilee watermelon with summer ripe strawberries.

Exactly Why V2 E-Cigs is Extremely Trendy At Present

November 13th, 2013

There's a lot of hype encircling E-Cigs at this time. When compared with tobacco cigarettes, vaping or making use of Ecigs is perceived as cooler and more beneficial to a number of people. As early as the start of e-cigarettes in 2003, there has been hundreds of different brands that have emerged on the market. Among the more popular choices today would be the V2 Electronic Cigs.

Just Venturing Out

This provider is from Miami Beach Florida and began in August 2010 by its three ex-smoker authors. Just a couple of years after this, the company has already earned a reputation being one of the more popular brands for E-Cigs. A number of important factors could be the reason for this such as having excellent taste, offering outstanding production and bettering expansion lines. Similar to other Ecigarettes, V2 Ecigs is also free from tobacco tar residue.

Because there are companies these days that just market the goods made by other establishments, V2 Electric Cigs takes pride in doing all of the methods from manufacturing to promoting with regards to theirs. Each of their liquid batches undertake testing and the outcomes are shown online. Based on the ingredients, they are also disclosed to the general public. The items bought here are all bound to have a lifetime assurance. Considering that June 6, 2011, V2 E-Cigs has been licensed by the BBB. The only complaint that the corporation gets from its consumers is that they are nearly always out of stock as there is an increased demand for the merchandise.

The way it Appears

The sets of V2 Electric Cigs can be found in boxes of white as well as blue. There's going to be a foam insert within which will house its batteries and below can be found the charger and refills. Every flavor cartridge has sealed foil packaging so that contaminants or leakage will be averted and product quality is ensured. Another highlight is the expiration date which could easily be viewed in its label. The e liquid is going to be packed in a manner in which the bottles are not going to harm children or individuals who might accidentally obtain them. The product will have the colours blue, black and white along with the battery produced from stainless steel. Its tip color is the same as the flavor of the cartridge.

The Products

Different types of kits can be found with the item. Each and every kit is designed to a person's distinct type and smoking preference.

Basic Starter Kit. Its content has one standard automatic electric battery, six flavor capsules, one V2 disposable then one express charger. The kit is also going to have their own manual on the inside. Rookies can easily pick the product for just $34.95. Find out significantly more info that you absolutely need at wonderful web-sites for example V2 Ecigs coupon.

Typical Package. It offers two electric batteries: automatic and manual; ten flavoring cartridges, one wall adapter, one smart charger and the user manual. The price of the item will be at $59.95.

Regular Plus Kit. This may have all of the contents available from the standard set but with the inclusion of a portable charging case. The cost of the merchandise is going to be at $99.95.

Pair Package. This sort of kit will have double the contents from a normal kit as it is created for partners. The purchase price will likely be $114.95.

Premium Package. This package will have three electric batteries included which is likely to be a standard, manual as well as a long automatic battery. You will have 25 flavor cartridges available as well as a smart charger, a wall adapter, a portable charging case, a car adapter, a lanyard, a handbook, a power cig and also a metal carry case. It could be availed at just $143.95.

Merchandise Taste

Each of the cartridge in the e-juices of V2 E-Cigs will contain flavorings, propylene glycol, Nicotine and water. Propylene glycol is a substance that is included in toothpaste, asthma inhalers, fog equipment and foods. The transformation of liquid to vapor is due to this ingredient.

Each and every cartridge also offers a built-in atomizer. This is an advantage because there will be no need to maintain and clean the atomizer. If the capsule is going to be swapped out once consumed, the atomizer also goes with it.

There are roughly 150-220 puffs that can be produced by each container which is fairly equal to using up a normal pack of smoking cigarettes. Individuals will know when to switch the cartridge once the it will taste burnt as well as the flavor is weak. You can easily replace the container; screw off the old one and then screw on another.

Tastes Provided. There are about a dozen flavors made available from V2 Ecigarettes. For individuals who would like to get the American classic taste in tobacco, the red one is the perfect flavor. Individuals who are a fan of smooth finishes and light-weight tobacco tastes similar to Parliament ought to choose the Congress flavour.

For a Turkish Tobacco blend feel, such as that of Camel, American Spirit and Merit, there's Sahara flavor to get. In the event you like Marlboro Menthol, Newport, Salem and Kool, V2 Menthol flavor will be the one to try using its refreshing, minty and cool flavoring. There's a sweet taste along with the peppermint flavor these days. The mint tea flavoring combines the sleek green tea and mint qualities together. People who have a craving for sweet taste can go for vanilla flavor. Coffee flavor permits you to enjoy Columbian rich combination that hints sugar and cream; like sipping a cup of coffee. For those that are chocoholics, the dark chocolate flavor will please them whilst the cherry flavor is for those that want a fruity experience when vaping.

Throw away Tastes. V2 Electric Cigs offers its buyers with flavors that are throw-away just like tobacco and menthol. Customized Flavor. One more reason that explain why there are plenty of people utilizing V2 E-Cigarettes is simply because it allows those to mix their own flavours.

Nic Stages

Its eliquid offers another compound in the form of Nic. V2 Electric Cigarettes provides its customers with four strengths in Nicotine. You will find the 18 mg of Nic for people that would like to style the full power of unfiltered smoking cigarettes. The 12 mg of Nic stage for the moderate strength is intended for individuals that would love a mild flavoring. Fans of lights cigarettes will get the light strength of Nicotine which is only 6 mg. Folks can also decide to get a no Nicotine hit by selecting zero strength which will allow fans to taste the total flavor of their liquid. Creating a higher strength of Nic signifies a stronger taste and sense. Folks can still ask the V2 E Cigarettes support team should they be still not sure which Nic power to pick.

Battery Lifespan

V2 E Cigs includes three electric batteries. The small battery which can be at 150 mAH and 100 mm in size. If entirely charged, it may last to offer you much more than 160 puffs. The standard battery is the next one which is at 250 mAH and 110 mm length. You can use it for longer than 200 puffs. The 140 mm length and 380 mAH battery is the last one which is the long version. It can give you in excess of 300 puffs. When the vapor volume continues to be reduced, this is about to indicate that the battery is about to be depleted. If charging is essential, it will begin to blink. It is perfect to carry around a spare battery to avoid the inconvenience of being unable to vape. Employing a smart charger will let people charge it for only 1-2 hours.

Automatic and manual battery packs are available in the process. The automated battery will continue to be on standby till the user draws a puff from this. Manual battery pack has this very small rubber button that one could focus on. The automated batteries are a somewhat more convenient because they are similar to a normal cigarette. The manual battery packs however have better vapors. The receptive batteries of V2 Ecigs have gotten much acclaim. A little hit can provide people a huge amount of vapor.

Cost and Benefit

V2 E Cigarettes can also be known for the cost of its merchandise. A cigarette bunch is easily equaled with a single cartridge at present. Obtaining a 5-pack is equivalent to spending all around $1.5 for each container. Smoking cigarettes will result in a shelling out of $150 to $350 while vaping will simply require $45. You will notice even more reports by researching v2 ecigs coupon at V2 Cig coupon codes.

It's also possible to replenish cartridges at V2 Electric Cigarettes while using blank cartridges they offer. They may be refilled around 5x. One particular bottle that contains 25 ml of liquid can already refill up to 25 capsules. This is certainly about $27.9 only for 25 cartridges compared to spending $30 for the similar amount of cigarette bags.

Its actual Services to Buyers

Live chat and telephone chat is on from Mondays thru Fridays at 10-23 EST. Their personnel are available on 11-17 EST during Saturdays. Filling and sending a form will let individuals avail of a call back request just in case no agent is available.

V2 Cigs Review: Know The Brand

April 24th, 2013

V2 Cigs is definitely a popular electric cigarette manufacturer in the US nowadays and continues to see increasing expectations for its goods. This is not hard to see as the company creates the best value e cigarettes along with quality. The business has over 1 million in consumers these days and even claims to have the top selling products since their release in 2011. The V2 cigs reviews also claim that they provide the thickest vapor inside the entire industry as well.

Clients can purchase their basic starter kit for as little as $49.95, giving them everything that they need as a way to start their electronic smoking feel. But even better, if a client uses the V2 cigs coupon you will save exponentially. The V2 cigs coupon code on average saves the buyer 15% off. Various other flavors can be purchased from their products which people should check out. Their method is known to be stylish and has the quality to go very far.

Easily Refundable

Within 30 days, those individuals that happen to be unhappy with the items from V2 Cigs may have them returned and paid back. They are able to do this after contacting the customer support, by way of a toll free number or through the live help in the web site. Online users will find this simpler as they can just log into their accounts and then click the return button inside their orders. The corporation is going to return the products from buyers if and when they can still be located within their boxes.

Easy to Operate

The organization takes advantage of a two piece layout for their products which is similar to that from other top producers. Which means the user will only have to charge the battery, attach in the cartimizer and it could be ready for smoking. Probably the greatest advantages that the style offers is that users can get a brand new atomizer each time they change the cartridge according to the V2 cig reviews. By tugging the top in the cartridge, people would be able to refill their very own cartridges.

So How Does it Work?

The driving force behind the success of the corporation is that they constantly provide high quality for their goods. Due to the development and research endeavours made, there is even a far more improved e-cigarette being created. In addition to this, the company sells high quality accessories that will complement the V2 Cigs such as the superior V2 e-liquids and expert starter kits. What can make this better still is that the company has also the very best customer support these days.

V2 Cigs Continue to be the Best

With the top quality products on offer, the company assures they will remain at the top for the present time. The newest technology that V2 Cigs has to offer is easily available by customers. After a while, the company enhances and evolves so that they would be able to give the best comfort and satisfaction to customers.

There’s even a selection for the length in the batteries provided by the business. The shorter battery power types are 100 millimeters, the typical 110 and the much longer ones will be 140. Without regard to the dimensions of the battery, manual and automatic edition can be obtained. With the automatic battery, breathing will form the vapor right away while manual will be needing the user to press a control button.

There are numerous individuals that declare that the manual batteries provide better yields in vapor, yet automated batteries still provide the benefit when it comes to ease. Choosing between manual and automatic is a good opportunity as not all manufacturers are equipped for providing this.

The merchandise that are presented to the customers of V2 Cigs can expect to get the most out of them. Individuals would have an improved life while inhaling vapor as opposed to dangerous smoke. You can learn more by reading the V2 cig reviews about their products today.


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